Cola flavour liquid

Productcode: VF. 17.629

Cola aroma vlb

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Energy Drink flavour liquid

VF. 17.821

oud nummer 10030764

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Cherry flavour liquid

VF. 17.486

Kers aroma vlb. VF 17.486

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Banana flavour liquid

VF. 10.711


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Lemon Lime flavour liquid (type Lemongrass)

VF. 14.172

Natuurlijk Aroma. Dit product werd voorheen verkocht onder nummer: 10034334

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Roasted Coconut flavour liquid

VF. 17.279

Cocos aroma vlb.BakstabielAfname vanaf 1 KG.

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Cucumber flavour liquid

VF. 12.911

Water oplosbare Komkommer aroma vlb.

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Pepper flavour liquid

VF. 16.031

Peper aroma vlb.

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Ginger flavour liquid

VF. 11.045

Is een wateroplosbaar Gember aroma vlv.

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Watermelon flavour liquid

VF. 10.928

Watermeloen aroma op MPG basis.  

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Chocolate flavour liquid

VF. 15.135

Afname per kilo Wateroplosbaar. 

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Sweetener Sodium saccharin E-954 liquid


Vloeibare heldere zoetstof op basis van Natriumsaccharine (E-954) Werd voorheen verkocht onder nummer VF. 70.040

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Pineapple flavour liquid

VF. 10.134

Ananas aroma vlb.

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Apple flavour liquid (type fresh)

VF. 14.144

Afname per kilo

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