Vanilla flavour powder

VF. 14.078

Afname per kilo

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Chocolate flavour powder

VF. 15.137

Chocolate flavour Powder.   

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Banana flavour powder

VF. 18.990

Banaan aroma pdr.

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Vanilla flavour powder

VF. 14.046

Vanille aroma poeder - VF 14.046 Vanilla powder flavour.

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Lemon Lime flavour powder

VF. 14.182

Lemon Lime Poeder.

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Forest fruit flavour powder

VF. 16.947

Afname per kilo   Poederversie van de VF16945

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Egg-nog flavour powder

VF. 17.758

Advocaat aroma poeder

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Stewed pear flavour powder

VF. 18.619

Afname per kilo       Wateroplosbaar    

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Raspberry flavour liquid

VF. 10.225

Afname per kilo Raspberry flavour liquid.

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Melon flavour powder

VF. 10.938

Meloen poeder aroma

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Lemon flavour liquid

VF. 17.354

Citroen aroma vlb.  Is op basis van Triacetine 

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Strawberry flavour powder


Fris Aardbei aroma + toegevoegd wat Kleur.

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Coconut flavour powder

VF. 17.293

Cocos aroma poeder Drager is dextrose

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Anise flavour powder

VF. 61.030

Anijs aroma poeder afname per kilo

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